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  • Extra Thin, Extra Sensitive, compared to standard Durex natural latex condoms
  • Straight walled & teat ended
  • Transparent & lubricated natural rubber latex condoms
  • Nominal width: 52mm

Available in: 3s pack, 10s pack


Durex Invisible condoms are thinnest ever developed by Durex, designed to maximize the sensitivity, whilst still maintaining the high Durex standards.


For optimal security, store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and sharp objects.



Usage - If they are used properly, condoms may help to reduce the risk of transmission of HIV (AIDS) and other sexually transmitted infections. Always read the guidance on lube packaging before you use it. If you use a condom for oral sex first, you should use a new condom for any other type of sex that follows.

Stop Use - If you feel discomfort or irritation while using condoms. This condom is made of natural rubber latex, which might cause allergic reactions including anaphylactic shock if the user is allergic to latex. If you think you might be sensitive or allergic to latex, get advice from your doctor. For anal sex use additional lubrication (do not use Durex Play Tingle) on the outside of the condom.

Durex condoms are intended as a method of contraception and for prophylactic purposes to help reduce the risk of pregnancy and transmission of STIs.No method of contraception can provide 100% protection against pregnancy or transmission of HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). If you are worried that you or your partner may have become pregnant or infected, contact your doctor immediately.

Take care to only use lubricants that are recommended for use with condoms, such as the Durex Play lube range. Oil-based ones like petroleum jelly, baby oil and some pessaries can damage condoms. So can some topical medicines that are applied to the penis or vagina. If you are not sure about the effect of the medicines you are using on condoms, ask your doctor.

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